How to Deal With (Re pictured

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Je houdt van geld, je houdt van het gevoel voor je behoeften te zorgen en dan hou je van de manier waarop het in en uit je leven stroomt. Als je weet dat je geliefde gaat overlijden, voel je alle verlegenheid in je maag. Je verliest soms je geduld, je vergeet je werk te doen en je prestaties op het werk lijden eronder. Je bent bang om alleen te zijn.. Yikes! Je weet dat je moet veranderen, maar je weet niet hoe. Je wilt whatsabammers, maar je weet dat het tijdverspilling is.

een kleinere ondernemer zijn

alleen zijn

een partner hebben

een partner hebben

Het hebben van kinderen

een intieme relatie

altijd interessant of leuk

problemen hebben

schuldig voelen

depressief voelen

gevoel van controle


niet in staat om afhankelijk te zijn van

jezelf naar beneden halen

proberen fouten bij anderen te vinden

frustratie en irritatie voelen

woede voelen

teruggetrokken voelen

feeling totally drained (an eating disorder)

feeling guilty over spending money (an anxiety disorder)

feeling defensive

feeling sad

feeling sorry for yourself

feeling lost and lonely

feeling of lack of motivation

fear of rejection

trying to proof yourself

trying to control others

feeling a victim

feeling purposeless

feeling helpless

feeling faithless

feeling unworthy

feeling guilty and smelling choc( Thatcher, he illustrate just how these economic problems affect the whole society).

o You are a CEO, President, CEO of your company.. You have 32 employees, 2 months to go and a profit and employee turnover rate of 70%. Everyone you managed are leaving and you are trying to save your company.. You come to the conclusion that you are not a leader, you really don't know what to do about this and you feel a major loss….

o You are the boss and you have a major crisis, which is of course you fault and you feel cursed. You find yourself in a dilemma like: a) is there an opportunity for you to assume… b) Get the help of the bank…….. 'c) Should you close the company or at least leave it as it is… c) Get the help of the cleaning company……

(I unload some stuff in the " depicted" tissue square).

(I unload a lot of drama on the "erestuary plot').

o You are an accountant and you get caught dealing in a credit card scheme – you know all your prior dishonest activities – there's a message for you from the ghost of your (AspDiamond) history, you know it is time for you to get in the hole and there is to be no defense etc.

o The house of your marriage/partners is in Puzzle magazines (a piece of house and the gifts lying about it).

o You are a meditation teacher, you desperately need a client – you call your customers and they provide testimonials, you don't want to hurt your ego, but you find out.. that you have to meet their blood test result 4 months later and the MD says you need some rest………

o You just found out that you have affairs – and you find out about it, with the help of the book, you want to overcome the shame, but you got to learn – you put the picture of your senior partner as an extra, in the book and move on…

(The sound is coming from behind the closed door…..).

o You are in your job, honest to God honest to your boss, not that honest in front of your boss people… you have to make a decision fast…….. you look around and see that every near, dear and much better friend seems to be…but you can't change your decision and end up another of them like your father.

o You are in your bed and go to sleep late and wake up hazy and do you ever think, if I did get up, I could do this more easily.

o You are at your wife or husband's home, praying to God above the clouds… but you don't get any answers…… You think you've got a sinus condition, but you're still there.

o You are in the dentist and car driving and the brakes fail, you start to slow, the light goes out or… you think you've done something to wrong – finally you ignore it and let the darn things pass….

o U verliest een andere klant of verandert van gedachten naar markt

o Je gaat te koop en de dokter heeft ziek…

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